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KaniKavan’s Social Responsibility

  • Our commitments are not just limited to our clients and our shareholders, but rather our commitments extend to our workforce, societies and citizens.
  • We emphatically believes in developing a relationship based on confidence between societies/ citizens and ourselves by fulfilling commitments to societies through our business.
  • Our social responsibilities as consequences of implementation of our business are as listed below:
  • Job Creation
  • Education
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Safe working Environment

The direct benefits of implementation of our social responsibility will be as follows:

  • Promotion of trade value and trade brand
  • Further access to financial resources
  • More safty and health for personel
  • Risk management and more effective supervision on company activities
  • Eagerness of personnel
  • Loyalty of custumers
  • Promotion of confidence between all beneficiary parties
  • Consolidation of global image
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