Energy and Power

Energy and Power
KaniKavan Sharq Engineering Company offers engineering and consulting services including design, design review, supervision on contractual and technical negotiations, financing, construction and installation of power plant projects. 
KANIKAVAN has the equipment, crews, and resources necessary to deliver efficient, environmentally responsible power plant construction. Our expertise as power plant contractors includes traditional fossil fuel and natural gas steam generation plants, as well as an increasing focus on alternative-energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, geothermal heat, and bio fuels. For each project we take on, we emphasize clean and sustainable solutions throughout both power supply and demand, and we work to increase efficiency at every step of the process. This commitment, coupled with our experienced team of professionals and our rigorous standards for safety, helps us deliver the highest quality power plant construction to each and every client. In addition to plants designed for efficient use of fossil fuels, we offers power generation or Combined Heat and Power solutions based on renewable energy sources.

Whether we're designing, building, expanding, or maintaining your facility, we have the experience and resources to maximize efficiency during construction and throughout the facility's operation. Our expertise allows us to develop cleaner, more sustainable solutions for a variety of renewable energy power sources, including wind farms, solar energy facilities and geothermal plants. We help clients determine the optimal site, size, materials, construction methods and design features to meet their needs, and we continually work to increase their return on investment. By keeping a constant focus on safety and innovation, we're able to provide the most effective and socially responsible solutions to the world's changing energy needs.
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