Mines & Minerals

Mines & Minerals
Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing & Industrial Minerals Services
KaniKavan' mining engineering staff is experienced and proficient in the planning, construction and operation of mineral mining and processing facilities. Our past and ongoing work with projects in the mines and industrial minerals fields gives us a broad base to draw from in developing solutions to our clients’ needs.
KaniKavan offers integrated industrial minerals consulting services from preliminary geological studies, market assessments and laboratory testing through reserve estimation, pilot plant production, scale- up and engineering design. We are a team of industrial mineral market experts, geologists, mining and mineral processing engineers that provide a wealth of experience in marketing, mineral economics, applications technology, mineral processing technology, design and permitting.
We specialize in evaluating industrial and mineral-based waste streams for a beneficial use in markets where these materials may have value. If a viable market is identified for these materials, we provide the marketing and engineering capabilities to fully commercialize the product. KaniKavan engineers have extensive operations and management experience in Industrial Minerals leading to practical cost-effective solutions.
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