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Project Field:
Keywords: Status:
Item Name Of Project Start date Finish date Project field Project Location Status
46 Engineering consultancy for provision of the reports required by the client to be presented to Iran Economic Council for justifying the increase in the capacity of Sangan iron pelletizing plant from 1 February,3,2005 February,3,2005 Mines and Minerals Khaf-sangan Completed Projects
47 Construction of Bafgh Sintering Plant with a capacity of 880,000t/y under an EPC contract (with cooperation of LCMEEC from China April,28,2005 April,28,2005 Mines and Minerals bafgh Completed Projects
48 Semi-detailed exploration for copper, zinc and gold in Markazi Province of Iran May,4,2005 May,4,2005 Mines and Minerals Arak Completed Projects
49 Engineering consultancy for exploration and mining geology of Chadormalu iron ore mine project with required surveying (1384) May,29,2005 May,29,2005 Mines and Minerals yazd Completed Projects
50 Provision of bidding documents, selection of the contractor(s) and cooperation with the client for concluding the contract with the selected contractor(s) for construction of Sarab alumina plant to pr June,13,2005 June,13,2005 Mines and Minerals sarab Completed Projects
51 Provision of technical-economic report on a 5,000-ton cement plant at the west of Torbat-e-Jam July,20,2005 July,20,2005 Mines and Minerals Torbat-e-Jam Completed Projects
52 Technical-economic feasibility study on manufacturing of automobile spare parts by Baradaran-e Golpaygani Industrial Manufacturing Company August,6,2005 August,6,2005 Mines and Minerals Golpayegan Completed Projects
53 Technical-economic feasibility study on production of light steel ingots and alloy steel by Aligoudarz Steel Company August,7,2005 August,7,2005 Mines and Minerals Aligoodarz Completed Projects
54 Operating of Chogart and Sechahun production lines of iron ore beneficiation plant with a total capacity of 1,600,000t/y December,6,2005 December,6,2005 Mines and Minerals Yazd Completed Projects
55 Compilation of instructions on design of underground drivage and access drifts December,17,2005 December,17,2005 Mines and Minerals Tehran Completed Projects
56 Compilation of technical regulations on mines illumination December,17,2005 December,17,2005 Mines and Minerals Tehran Completed Projects
57 Iron exploration over Kuhbaba area located in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran March,5,2006 March,5,2006 Mines and Minerals Eastern Azarbaijan Completed Projects
58 Collection, collation, review and analysis of all data, reports and documents available on Sangan anomaly A, and technical study of Sangan Anomaly A March,6,2006 March,6,2006 Mines and Minerals Khaf-sangan Completed Projects
59 Construction of a mineral industry research centre at Pardis Technology Park March,21,2006 March,21,2006 Mines and Minerals pardis- damavand Completed Projects
60 Pre-feasibility study, and supervision on the contactors' performance related to Taknar polymetal mines May,8,2006 May,8,2006 Mines and Minerals Bardaskan Completed Projects
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