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Project Field:
Keywords: Status:
Item Name Of Project Start date Finish date Project field Project Location Status
76 Management & Supervision Consultancy for Sarcheshmeh Copper Concentrator Plant – Expansion Phase 2 September,8,2007 September,8,2007 Mines and Minerals Kerman Completed Projects
77 Feasibility study for construction of a titanium pigments production plant October,15,2007 October,15,2007 Mines and Minerals Kerman Completed Projects
78 Compilation of instructions on design and implementation of monitoring and instrumentation system for open pit mines October,23,2007 October,23,2007 Mines and Minerals Tehran Completed Projects
79 Bankable environmental impact assessment of Sarab alumina plant for production of alumina from Nepheline Syenite December,1,2007 December,1,2007 Mines and Minerals romental impact assessment Completed Projects
80 Engineering consultancy including feasibility study, conceptual design, preparation of international bidding documents and selection of EPC contractor for construction of iron concentrator and pelleti January,14,2008 January,14,2008 Mines and Minerals Neyshabour Completed Projects
81 Geochemical Exploration over Robat 2 area - quadrangle mapping at 1: 25,000 June,10,2008 June,10,2008 Mines and Minerals shahr babak Completed Projects
82 Provision of Khomrood bankable economic feasibility report in Persian using comfar software and provision of the Persian version of the Basic Design Report of Khomrood Coal Mine June,11,2008 June,11,2008 Mines and Minerals Khomroud Completed Projects
83 Engineering Services, design review, overall and on-site supervision on engineering, procurement (materials & machineries), construction, installation and operation of mining machineries, mining opera August,1,2009 August,1,2009 Mines and Minerals Zarand Completed Projects
84 Engineering consultancy for exploration and mining geology of Chadormalu iron ore mine with required surveying (2000) March,21,2010 March,21,2010 Mines and Minerals Chadormalou Completed Projects
85 Consultancy services for construction of South Aluminum Smelter Plant (Alumium-e Jonoub) as a party of Jahad consortium March,27,2010 March,27,2010 Mines and Minerals lamard Completed Projects
86 Provision of technical-economic feasibility report on finance of iron concentrate and pellet production from Sangan iron ore mines April,24,2010 April,24,2010 Mines and Minerals tehnical-economic Completed Projects
87 Environmental study (EIA) of Pars Arian Neyzar steel plant November,1,2010 November,1,2010 Mines and Minerals Ghom Completed Projects
88 Project management (technical, engineering, engineering control, project planning and control, supervision, management and support services) for all projects of National Iranian Copper Industries Comp May,17,2011 May,17,2011 Mines and Minerals Tehran Completed Projects
89 Feasibility study of alumina production from nepheline syenite through dry method for Jahad Research Company May,29,2011 May,29,2011 Mines and Minerals Tabriz Completed Projects
90 Environmental Study of Dashkasan gold mine tailings dam (located in Kurdistan Province of Iran) November,13,2011 November,13,2011 Mines and Minerals Sarigunay Completed Projects
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