KaniKavan due to its wide range of technical knowledge and managerial expertise, is capable of providing all aspects of Project Management Services to different sectors of industry. In our company the Project Management System is uniquely designed to manage and control the project resources (money, man-power, equipment, facilities, materials, and information/technology) on any given activity in such a way to complete it:
  • Within the allocated time period.
  • Within the budget cost.
  • At the proper performance or specification level.
  • With customer satisfaction.
  • With minimum or mutually agreed upon scope changes.
  • Without disturbing the main work flow of organization.
  • Without changing the corporate culture.
The Project Management System in our company is at it's maturity and moves towards excellence, maturity being the foundation of our excellence.
Our Project Management System maturity & excellence, is an evolving process that is used on each and every project. This evolving process is our Project Management Methodology. Our methodology has been internally designed to support our corporate culture, based on international standards.
In our endless journey to excellence in Project Management, strategic planning for project management has had an undoubtable role, specially for shortening the time frame
KaniKavan’s management consulting services take advantage of our extensive knowledge base in operations, planning, marketing, executive management, and government relations. Our approach to such engagements includes developing collaborative relationships with clients aimed at enhancing operating performance and improving competitive advantage. Our Management Services include:
  • Feasibility studies at all levels
  • Project Development, Mergers, Acquisitions and Financing
  • Resource and reserve assessments
  • Property and project valuation
  • Regulatory and environmental assessments
  • Financial and economic analysis
  • Project development planning and management
  • Safety and loss control program development
  • Safety audits
  • Environmental site assessments and audits
  • Environmental litigation support
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Operations benchmarking
  • Operations improvement and performance enhancement
  • Sustainable development planning

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